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If you have found this site you are probably already familiar with the Monsoon Multimedia products. If not, here is a basic introduction.

The "Monsoon" brand name was (is?) owned by Delphi Corporation, and originally referred only to their line of automotive audio systems. The brand was licensed by a Canadian company called Sonigistix, and applied to a line of planar-magnetic multimedia speakers. These speakers were based on technology licensed from Eminent Technology. Planar magnetic technology had previously been available only in high-end, hand-crafted systems. Sonigistix adapted this technology into a form that was suitable for mass production.

The first product to be launched was the MM 1000. It was followed by the MM 700, and then the MH 500. Later products included (…).

Sonigistix eventually went out of business, and was acquired by Eastech (who changed the name to "Level 9 Sound Designs"). The Monsoon Multimedia products are no longer on the market, although a few spinoffs can still be found.

The Monsoon Multimedia systems consisted of satellite speakers (containing the planar magnetic transducers), a subwoofer, an integrated amplifier, and an external volume control (aka "puck"). This last component was a source of frustration for many users.


  • More information about the various models
  • Wiring diagrams for the different puck models
  • Upload some pictures
  • Update the company history, including dates of key events
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